VII International Spanish Song Interpretation Festival

As every year, the Hotel Casa del Capitel Nazari has worked with the International Festival of Song Interpretation lending its Andalusian-style patio to let the musicians blend rhythm, dance and guitar.
Held between 19th and 25th July 2010, the festival has given a recital of voice and guitar  at the Hotel on July 21st at 21.00 p.m, which allowed listeners to enjoy the master notes from Händel, M. Falla, J. Rodrigo, etc. in a beautiful XVI century atmosphere.
With a remarkable assistance to the recital, and the presence of the Director of the Festival, Nan Maro Babakhanian, the result has been a success in its seventh edition. From the Hotel Casa del Capitel Nazari, we support the dissemination of culture and the Spanish song, and invite you to stay tuned to future editions of the Festival through our website or via:

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