Laura Nieto Exhibition


A new painting exhibition in Casa del Capitel Nazari Hotel  for colour our walls and decorate the columns.

This time has been the artist Laura Nieto Santos who takes us to a world so convencial as is our day to day.

Teaching boxes diverdas collections of paintings belonging to:

“Domestic Territory. This is my home”, “On Paper” or “The window of my study” shows us a variety of techniques such as oil on canvas, mixed media on paper and canvas or acrylic and charcoal on paper.

Thanks to the large size of their works, the sense of sight perceives perfectly the mixture of textures and colors that Laura has given us.

 You may feel at “home” while taking a “Breakfast”..

..sitting in the courtyard while talks of life with “Choni.”

feel good with “Lou”…

…or make friends with a “Menina” almost real-size,

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