Your special day is also ours.

         Are you ready to live the most special day of your life?

We want to see it! And if you are thinking of organize your wedding, we offer you all kinds of services: accommodation for your family and friends, beauty and hairdressing services for the latest “rush”, cocktails and catering to the latter meeting as “single” , and all the precious corners where you can capture the best moments of the best day of your life: YOUR WEDDING.

Tu boda
El día más esperado…

 Also, if you book with us the services for the long-awaited day, you’ll get a discount on the rental of a vintage car that moves and collect you as “husband and wife. “


Alquiler Coche época

¿ Te imaginas?

Because … your special day is also ours.


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  1. Silvia says:

    Hola, mi nombre es Silvia, y quisiera saber presupuesto para celebrar una boda íntima de entre 35 a 40 personas.
    No sabemos la fecha exacta, pero mas o menos para finales de agosto-septiembre de este año.
    Nos alojariamos en el hotel unas 5 parejas.
    gracias y un saludo

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