Maps of Granada



We put at your fingertips, an overview of the neighborhoods of Granada, as well as individual access to them from the Granada ring. 









Do not be confused, here you have the information on the main tourist areas of Granada, with outstanding importantess monuments and the names of its streets.

Do we see? Click on Albaycín, and the hotel next to the street Pisas and the Church of Santa Ana 







You are at the center of the city, the area highlighting landmarks like the Cathedral or the Royal Chapel. As in the previous shot, click the area you want to see better and have a new map soon.

Do not know the monuments? No problem, click on the squares, churches, or that you want to know what it is, and you have the information beforehand.





 You’re arriving to the World Heritage area. Here are bleached streets and narrow, and irregular forms seems to take anywhere, but this is far from normal … you have before you, the Mirador de San Nicolas.

Have you heard of the world’s most beautiful sunset? Now you will have the opportunity to see it.

While you can visit cármenes, palaces and typical square of the city in which to eat tapas and enjoy their own culture in the city … albaicinera culture.







It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Granada. Little remains of Jewish origin in the remains easily visible, although the orientation and layout of its streets recall those distant days before the conquest of this district by the Catholic Kings, hence the name “Realejo”.

Nothing like tapas in the Campo del Principe.







 Of the Red Castle has long been known and little known. Each tree, stone fountain, hiding under it any surprise or treasure.

The most visited monument of Spain will go down in your eyes for many years, is that this Arab fortress dating back to a unique beauty.

With this map, you will not miss the smallest detail. Our recommendation: do not skimp on time for your visit.







Granada Cathedral is listed as a monument since 1929, and declared BIC: Cultural Property.

The long construction from XVI Century until  XVIII Century  led to the passage of their structures and pillars in different styles as well as architects, the most famouse Diego de Siloé and Alonso Cano, now is still unfinished.

Located on the Great Mosque, is attached to the Royal Chapel, where the remains of the Catholic monarchs Fernando and Isabel.


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    un saludo azteca, estare en granada 2 noches, 24 y 25 de julio, buenos planos

  2. Me han parecido los Mapas de los distintos Barrios de Granada ¡formidables!. Ayudan a conocer las Ciudades de una manera extraordinaria.

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