The Casa del Capitel Nazari HOTEL is situated NEAR THE ALHAMBRA, 15-minute walk. In addition, we are in the CARRERA DEL DARRO , near PLAZA NUEVA and the main areas of GRANADA TAPAS.

The CATHEDRAL, the ROYAL CHAPEL,  the PASEO DE LOS TRISTES, the BIB-RAMBLA SQUARE, everything you can visit by foot from the Casa del Capitel Nazari. Enter our page RECOMMENDATIONS AND CULTURAL AGENDA and teach you all you can do during your stay.

We are just 5 minutes by taxi from Granada TRAIN STATION and 30 minutes from GRANADA AIRPORT.


The hotel is located in the historic center of Granada. This area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so that traffic is restricted. By car, we suggest you stop in a parking lot (see attached below for directions to the two car parks we have an agreement). Also we provide the directions to the hotel by car if you wanted to come to luggage. We must warn that it is not easy to find a permanent place to park near the hotel.


We have an agreement with two public car parks ( Parking Plaza Puerta Real and Parking Triunfo). Both are priced at € 19.50 / 24 hours for our customers.

From these two car parks can take a taxi to the hotel and if we bring the taxi bill, we deduct it from your room bill. Every time you need the car will give you a parking voucher at the hotel. You can only deduct the taxi which brings you from the parking to the hotel.

To get to the Parking Plaza Puerta Real (closest to hotel)

- You must take the main road from Granada “Beltway” (A-44). Exit 131 (Armilla) and follow signs to the Palace of Congresses for the Armilla Road.

- Go straight on Paseo del Violon.

- Cross the White Bridge (left) and arrive to the Acera del Darro.

- You will find the right El Corte Ingles and then, right below the light source and you will see the parking.

- When you park the car, phone to the hotel and we will send you a taxi to pick up you. Remember ask the ticket when you arrive to the hotel.

Be careful because there is another parking on the left is called Puerta Real and ours is the Plaza Puerta Real. (For convenience, you can follow the signs to the Hotel Carmen, parking is in front of the hotel). If this parking is full, you can expect to remain a free spot, or if not, call the Hotel and let you know how to get to another parking arranged.

To reach the parking, you can find an interactive map on the following link:

<ruta recomendada >


Although they have access permission for being our customer, can only follow the pathways enabled by the local police for the hotels in the area “Carrera del Darro – Plaza Nueva – Albaycín” and once arrived to this area, should know that circulation is complicated because the neighborhood is made up of narrow streets and stone.

The hotel is located in one of them, so they can not get to the doorstep in the car. It is very important not to pass through closed areas but is written “Except access to hotels,” because these areas have video cameras that record your registration and you will be fined. Each hotel has a way ours is enabled and “Carrera del Darro Hotel – Plaza Nueva – Albaycín), we can not appeal the fines for access to areas that have not enabled.

With all this information, if you are people adventurous and want to reach by car, we explain the directions to be followed

- You must take the main road from Granada “Beltway” (A-44). Exit 131 (Armilla) and follow signs to the Palace of Congresses for the Armilla Road.

- Go straight on Paseo del Violon.

- Continue straight along Calle Paseo de los Basilios

- Cross the Green Bridge (left) and reach the Paseo de la Bomba. Start down the Paseo de la Bomba and the Paseo del Salon. This is a long avenue which will leave a pedestrian park on your left.

- Turn right at the corner of the Paseo del Salón and the Carrera del Genii (found in the back door of Corte Inglés)

- Continue to the Plaza del Campillo and turn right onto Plaza de Mariana Pineda.

- At the end of the road come to a square (Plaza de Mariana Pineda) where you see a sign on the left that says “Hotel Plaza Nueva – Carrera del Darro” follow the sign and follow this street (C / San Matías).

- At the end of this street you will turn left again, following again the words “Hotel Plaza Nueva – Carrera del Darro” and come to a traffic light (on the left you will see the Plaza Isabel la Catolica with a source of the Queen and Columbus). In that light, turn right.

- You are a electronic bollards with access restricted only to residents and guests. Press the button to the right in the SWITCHBOARD and automatically puts the bollards will lower so you can spend. Pass the bollards and straight, at the end of the Plaza (Plaza Nueva) (viewed from the front the Church of Santa Ana) leave the car at the beginning of the first street to the left (C / Pisas) and leave the car there for a moment (it is the nearest place where you can unload your luggage, the hotel is on the next street). Longer walk, continue down the street and take the street You step to the right, continue on and we will Benalúa Placeta the end of the C / Benalúa.

- In addiction, you will see that you can access the Carrera del Darro or the C / San Juan de los Reyes. In the case of wanting to get closer to the hotel, we recommend that you make through the Carrera del Darro. We are at the beginning of it, but we must inform you that this street does not offer the option to stop the vehicle even one minute.

- The exit of the Albaicin district will be in the street Cuesta del Chapiz towards to Street Carretera de Murcia.

- Once there, follow up to the Campus de la Cartuja, and down the Avenida Madrid. Pass in front of the Plaza de Toros to access the Avenue of the Constitution. A little later, you will be in Park Triunfo. There, you will see signs for parking Triumph with which we have agreement.

-Then, follow the instrucitons about the taxi. We emphasize that this way is more difficult and time using the first option to leave the car in the parking lot directly and then access the hotel.

For the option to reach the hotel by car can find an interactive map on the following link:


Please note that taxis have a special permission to bring you from anywhere in the city, airport, railway station, bus station, parking …

This is very important, ALWAYS ask the taxi driver the ticket or receipt. Then, let us know and leave the receipt at the reception. It is important, because we must inform the local police access to the cab to the Carrera del Darro. This clarification is for any client that accesses a taxi, and has left the car in the parking or not. Please note that taxis will be deducted only to those customers who have left the car in one of the car parks with which we have agreement.

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(Next to Plaza Nueva Square)

18010 Granada. España.

Tlf: 34 958 21 52 60

Fax: 34 958 21 58 06

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